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UER Research

The Undergraduate Economics Review is a combination of long and short form research. Long form research is a semester long project from 12-15 pages geared towards upperclassmen. Short form is more around 5 pages and should serve as an intro to economic research for underclassmen


Ethan Miller

Class of 2025, BA in Political Science and Economics, 

"The Effects of Maternity Leave Policy on the Labor

Market and Unemployment"

Keaton Dudley

Class of 2026, BA in Economics, "Analyzing the Effect of the Zero Covid Policy on the People’s Republic of China’s Descent into the Middle Income Trap" (1).jpg
schwartz headshot.jpg

Eva Schwartz

Class of 2025, BS International Affairs and Economics, 

"The Impact of the Colombian Narcotrafficking Industry on

Colombian Peso Demand"

Joseph Considine

Class of 2026, BS Data Science and Economics, 

"The Effect of Modern Tax Incentives on Electric Vehicle Industries in Developing Countries "

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