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Federal Reserve Program


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The Federal Reserve Program is the Society's keystone program conducting research on monetary policy and the price stability and full employment goals of the Fed's dual mandate. Through quarterly reports on monetary policy and the state of the US economy, yearly reports highlighting major shifts in policy, and our competition in the landmark Fed Competition where our yearly teams present Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) policy suggestions to the Richmond Fed.


The Federal Reserve Program is proud to share its Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2023 publication of The State of the Macroeconomy: A Monetary Policy Report. This edition features 91 pages of thorough and high-quality analysis by 8 brilliant economic analysts.  

This paper focuses on a current analysis of macroeconomic conditions and establishes the short-run future of the macroeconomy. We specifically tailored research to be of reactions to monetary policy and potential solutions similar to that of a Federal Reserve Report. It has provided excellent preparation prior to the 2023 National College Federal Reserve Challenge where our analyst team will be representing The George Washington University and hoping to defend our finalist recognition and 1st place win in the Richmond Federal Reserve region.

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The Fed Program pursues deeper understanding of the Federal Reserve and its role in the economy and to keep the UES and GW economics communities update. To execute on this goal, the program participates in the Fed Challenge, creates quarterly and yearly reports, and hosts events on various aspects of monetary policy.

Federal Reserve Challenge

College Fed Challenge is a team competition for undergraduate students. Teams analyze economic and financial conditions and formulate a monetary policy recommendation, modeling the Federal Open Market Committee.

Quarterly Reports

Researched and written by the program's team of analysts, our quarterly analyses of prevailing economic conditions keep the society updated on major macroeconomic events.

Yearly Reports

Each quarterly report each form our yearly review of economic conditions. This landmark report for UES catalogs the state of the real and financial economy to build a continual understanding and institutional memory of relevant policy shifts as well as providing research opportunities for high achieving students to apply their economic acumen to the novel challenges faced year-to-year. 

Monetary Policy Events

To support the Program's mission of increased awareness and involvement in monetary policy, we host conversations with analysts about relevant trends, conversations with policymakers on relevant Fed activities, and mock FOMC meetings to prepare for our participation in the Federal Reserve Challenge

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