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Fortifying Renters and Homeowners: Enhancing FEMA's Response to Increased Hurricane Risk in the U.S. Gulf Coast

by Brenden Goldman

Fortifying Renters and Homeowners
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This paper explores the flaws of the federal government’s emergency management and the danger of worsening environmental conditions in the U.S. Gulf Coast. Taking a closer look at where, when, and how funds are allocated, the equity and functionality of disaster relief methods will be reassessed. In the past decade, both the frequency and intensity of major hurricanes have increased tremendously. Due to this shift, recovery methods used by the government in response to recent catastrophes have left many victims without legitimate financial relief. With climate change influencing stronger hurricane winds, the severity of disaster damage is expected to continue rising. This paper illustrates the need for better allocation of disaster relief funding, a larger budget, and policies protecting Gulf Coast residents from increasingly dire hurricanes moving forward.

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